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Let Me Give You My Secret Weapon For CLOSING Those Leads Into Big Deals -- It's Easy And Effortless!

My Insider Secrets Analysis Reports Tell You What To Say And How To Say It To Get The Sale!

Get 10 Done-For-You Analysis Reports On Your Most Profitable LinkedIn Leads

Grab 10 LinkedLeads Insider Secrets Reports Today For Only $970

LinkedLeads Insider Secrets 10 DFY Reports

Say Goodbye To Screwing Up Hot Deals By Saying The Wrong Things The Wrong Way!

LinkedLeads Insider Secrets Reports Analyze Your Prospect's LinkedIn Profile, Telling You...

What To Say To Your Prospect To Push All Their "Yes Buttons"

How To Say It In The Way That Will Resonate The Deepest With Them, For Maximum "Yes Power"

You Learn EXACTLY How To Speak To Them, Sell To Them, Coach Them, And Interview Them...
It's The "Jedi Mind Trick" You Need To Help Close Those Big Deals!

OK, So How Do These Reports Work?

I've invested thousands of dollars in having this analysis software produced, and it's very complex to use. So I've simplified this into Done-For-You reports.

Here's all the work you have to do:

STEP 1: Email the URL of the LinkedIn profile you want analyzed to my support staff.


If you can send an email, you can close more deals with my secret reports!

My software looks at every aspect of your prospect's profile, including how they interrelate. It analyzes the profile far FAR deeper than you could just by reading it, drawing out the prospect's unique personality traits.

Shortly, you'll receive a report that looks similar to the example below:

Client Name: John Smith
Client Industry: Pharmaceuticals
Date of Consultation: 10/10/2016


"Gary resist formal structure, has big ideas, and is a great teammate: collaborative, warm, and supportive."

When speaking to Gary...

  • Talk about abstract philosophies or ideas
  • Tell a few jokes
  • Switch up the subject to keep things interesting
  • Use colorful descriptions

When emailing Gary...

  • Use emotionally expressive language
  • Appeal to his feelings to drive him to action
  • Use an emoticon :)
  • Write with short casual language and abbreviations

When interviewing with Gary...

  • Schedule meetings over food or drinks
  • Recognize his achievements verbally
  • Express criticism in person or on the phone
  • Send a reminder the day before a meeting

When selling to Gary...

  • Ask him about past accomplishments
  • Talk about topics unrelated to work
  • Verbally praise him for specific achievements where you can
  • Have light-hearted chit chat before getting into business

When coaching Gary...

  • Prefer to work in groups more often than alone
  • Exaggerated details when telling a story
  • Feel sad if an accomplishment goes unrecognized
  • Openly discuss emotions

Look at all the windows that have been opened up for you. In fact, forget windows, these are doorways into the prospects likes, dislikes, thoughts, and feelings. EXACTLY what you need in order to make the best impression in whatever interaction you plan on having!


You'll be getting 10 of my Insider Secret Reports for a fraction of what I normally sell them for to my own clients. In fact, I'll soon be raising the price to $97 each. And I've never offered these outside my own circle of clients before.

This opens up a major secondary opportunity for you: reselling these reports!

Simply have YOUR clients provide you with the URLs of the LinkedIn profiles they want analyzed. Pass that on to me, I have my staff create the reports and forward them back to you. You pass them back to your clients.

You're paying $9.70 per report with this deal. Charge your clients $20, $50, $75, even the full $97 each. YOU keep the profits.

A Done-For-You Income Opportunity Doesn't Get Any Simpler Than That.


Everyone wants a guarantee, and I'm totally willing to put my money where my mouth is. But you have to hold up your end of the deal. That's why I have what I call an Action Taker Guarantee. Use at least five of these reports within 30 days. If you don't find that you are communicating better with your prospects and selling more, I'll give you your money back. Just contact my support staff at support@linkedleads.biz and show them your efforts. That's all there is to it.

I am only making this offer available at a special price for a limited time. I don't want to oversell this and I only want people who will actually use this. I truly want to help small business owners to increase their profits while also improving their quality of life.

So grab this now while you can, as I will be closing this offer very soon. The time to act is now.

See you on the inside!

Greig Wells

Grab 10 LinkedLeads Insider Secrets Reports Today For Only $970

LinkedLeads Insider Secrets 10 DFY Reports

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