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Lead Generation Can Be A Real Drag... On Your Time AND Your Money.

If you're like me, list building is not exactly your idea of a good time. You always have to invest some combination of your money and time... Plus a heaping helping of good old-fashioned hope.

Sometimes, your dollars and diligence will result in a large, nicely targeted list of qualified buyers. More times than not, though, you end up with a bunch of poor prospects, your time and money flushed right down the toilet.

The good news is, we live in the social media age. This opens up so many more lead generating options than there used to be. But don't let that fool you, you can still get stuck in the time and money sucking spiral. Take a look at this:

Social Media Lead Gen: The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly


Facebook Ads


You can easily target the groups of people who will see your ad.

  • THE BAD:

Unless you know what you're doing, clicks can be expensive. You're limited by your own budget and knowledge of the system.


Even if you get clicks, the quality may be poor, or your landing page may not convert... Your money has been wasted.


Facebook Groups


Each to target niche interests and engage with the people in your group.

  • THE BAD:

Chicken & egg problem: Many people won't join and participate in a group unless it's already very active. Very hands-on process.


You can spend months building a group, only to have it whither due to lack of member interest... Your time (and money, if you paid to advertise your group) has been wasted.




It's fairly easy to get wide reach of your tweets through strategic following/retweeting and content planning.

  • THE BAD:

Unless you're a celebrity, it can take large amounts of time to build a critical mass of followers. You have to get them off the platform and onto your list.


It's almost impossible to target only high-quality leads. You could spend a lot of time and end up with a list of teenagers who aren't good prospects... Your time has been wasted.




It's fairly easy to build an account with many followers, provided you have the right content and tagging strategy.

  • THE BAD:

Producing effective compelling photo content isn't free. Also, like Twitter, you have to get followers off the platform and onto your list to truly engage with them.


High-quality lead targeting is very difficult. Your list could be people who just like your pictures but don't want to or can't buy... Your time and money have been wasted.

Now That I've Hit You With A Dose Of Reality...

I need to tell you that you shouldn't get discouraged. Because there's a social media site that you probably never even thought of for list building. A social media site where all the "big dogs" and "fat cats" hang out.

What social media site do I call the "executive's Facebook?"

I'll give you the secret in just a moment. First, I should introduce myself.

My Name Is Greig Wells.

One thing I understand quite well is lead generation. I've been developing lists for myself and my clients for quite a few years.

Leads are the lifeblood of any business. But not just any leads. A good list must be made up of highly targeted leads that:

1) WANT what you're offering;

2) can DECIDE to buy what you're offering;

and most important,

3) can PAY what you're charging.

As you can guess from reading, I found the ultimate social media site for generating lead lists that fill all three of those requirements.

This social media site is where Executives hang out. It's where they find others just like themselves to network with, without the riff raff. And it's where many big deals get their start.

That Social Media Site Is... LinkedIn.

For the past 4 years, I've taught dozens and dozens of businesses, from huge to single person, the ins and outs of LinkedIn lead generation. I spent the time in the trenches, working out the most effective ways to mine the lead gen gold out of LinkedIn.

Here are just a few things I've been able to achieve:

I've used LinkedIn to build huge highly targeted emails lists.
This one is now over 160,000 leads and still growing.

Jack Canfield ("Chicken Soup For The Soul") partnered with me...
after finding me on LinkedIn.

Fast Company Magazine said "Greig Wells is the nation's top expert at search engine optimization within LinkedIn... And one of America's top Business Leaders."

Tony Robbins promoted my LinkedIn training as
part of his Business Mastery Program.

But Most Important...

I've helped tons of clients build huge high quality lists and make significant incomes from LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Success Really Comes Down To Four Factors...

You must set up your profile the right way.

You must interact with others the right way.

You must automate the process.

You must have the perfect offer to sell them.

Of course, I've put together a high-priced course on how to do all of this. And that's great for those who can afford that course.

But I knew I could help more people with an easily affordable, tightly pinpointed short course.

So I Boiled My Method Down Into...

LinkedLeads is a special limited-time offer that zeroes in on the most important factors for LinkedIn lead generation success.

As a LinkedLeads member, you'll get special live training on how to set up your LinkedIn profile so that the people you're trying to reach will WANT to connect with you. This, in itself, is worth far more than the cost.

As A LinkedLeads Member, You Will Learn Secrets Like...

The 3 word sentence you MUST put on your LinkedIn profile. (This opens and closes deals for you.)

The 3 calls to action that work best for getting people to contact you on LinkedIn. (Which one will you use for completely passive income?)

How to turn your LinkedIn profile into a selling machine. (People will buy from you directly from reading your LinkedIn profile without you ever needing to talk to them.)

That's Just The Beginning... You Need More.

Remember Earlier, I Said You MUST Automate The Process.

If you don't automate, you are always limited by the amount of time and effort you can put into this. Automation multiplies your efforts, creating a lead firehose. You now have the time to follow up on these targeted leads, while also living the life you want to live.

How can you automate LinkedIn lead gen?

It's simple. I give you my own special software that I had specially developed to do just that. The only people who have gotten this software are those who have been in my high-end coaching course.

But I'm giving it to you as part of LinkedLeads.

The Final Piece Of The Puzzle... A Moneymaker!

Finally, you may think that you don't have a good offer for the caliber of leads you're going to get by using my methods.

Problem solved.

As part of your LinkedLeads training, I am going to reveal the ONE thing that EVERY LinkedIn member wants to buy.

Good news: it's something you DEFINITELY can sell them.

(I'm not going to tell you the secret here... but I can tell you it's NOT what you think.)

Get Ready To Leave Your Moldy Oldy Lead Gen Methods Behind!

Once you've gone through my LinkedLeads live training and put my simple software to use, you will feel like your eyes have been opened to a whole new way of building a list. No more slaving for hours and pumping in hundreds (or even thousands) of your hard-earned dollars, only to end up with a crappy list of useless lookie-loos.

Those days will be gone.

Instead, you will have an easy automated process that brings high quality high dollar high budget leads right to your door. It's an Internet Marketing cliche, but I have to say it because it's true... It will happen while you sleep.

PLUS, you'll have an instant moneymaker (in addition to your regular products and services) to sell them.

Not sure about this? Look at what some of my clients have said:

"I’ve bought many products, attended dozens of webinars, and taken lots of online courses, trying to figure how to make money on the internet. I had no list, no product, and no experience… but I could follow the easy directions Greig showed me in this program. This lead to me making my first $47 on the Internet. That may not sound like a lot of money, but the key is I am going to be able to repeat this every day. Because all I did was run Greig’s software, which literally means just press the start button. With Greig’s system, I didn’t need to learn a bunch of stuff, have a web site, or do any selling. I just started making money."

James Roland – Beginner Internet Marketer And Affiliate Marketer

"I wasn’t sure if LinkedIn was going to make sense for me because I sell physical products online and info products in niches to consumers. But what Greig helped me realize is that every business professional on LinkedIn is also a consumer, interested in things like losing weight and better relationships, just like everyone else. What's great about Greig's software is it works consistently to bring in leads and traffic everyday... Very similar to Facebook ads, except I am not paying anything for ad spend. So it's 100% free traffic that leads directly to profits for my bottom line."

Alan Factor – Beginner eCommerce And Info Products

"I am always wanting to scale my businesses into new audiences. I primarily do this with paid traffic through Facebook ads and Google. I had tried LinkedIn paid ads, but because they start at $2 per click, they had never been profitable for me. What I love about Greig’s software is it brings highly targeted leads, consistently, every day, in volume of quantity. These are people with money who buy my programs and get added to my email list. With Greig’s software, LinkedIn is right up there as a must have social site and traffic source for any online business."

Robert Cutler – Internet Marketer, Product Launcher, Facebook Ads

"I've been on LinkedIn for a long time but never really got any leads or business from it. Once I started running Greig's simple software on my PC, I started getting inquiries about speaking engagements and coaching clients. Now I love LinkedIn! I wish the software could run itself, you do have to go in every day and press the start button. But I have my virtual assistant do this for me and it takes just minutes every day for her to do this. I even bought a second license for my Mac so I could double my marketing on LinkedIn, you should buy two of these if you have two computers, it's well worth it!"

Barbara Grass – Digital Marketer, Coach, Speaker Author, Expert

"I had been working in my job for a detailing company for many years, trying to start a business, but I really didn't know much about marketing or social media. I wasn't even on LinkedIn at the time. Thanks to Greig's software, I now make a steady part time income of a few extra hundred bucks a month from LinkedIn for the past 7 months. It's been steady, I wish I had more time to put into it. I know I could make more, but I really only run the software a few times a week. I still don't have an actual business and didn't have to spend any other money to get started. The extra money each sure does come in handy for going out more often."

Michael Haynes - Part Time Online Marketer

Are You Ready To Generate High Quality Targeted Leads Automatically?

Join LinkedLeads Today For Only $197

LinkedLeads From Greig Wells

Frequently Answered Questions

Q: Can you really generate lead lists from LinkedIn?

A: Yes. My clients and I are doing it every day. It's possible to generate targeted responsive lists in the thousands within your niche. I've done it, so can you.

Q: Do I HAVE to use your software to do this?

A: No. However, you'll be limited by the amount of time you can spend doing the manual work that my software automates. I strongly suggest using my software... that's why it's included.

Q: Do I need the paid version of LinkedIn to do this?

A: While you always get more functionality when you upgrade to the paid version, this is not required to generate leads with this program and software.

Q: How easy is the software to use?

A: It's very simple, and you get an instructional video on using it. Just provide a few details so your leads are properly targeted, and then let it do the work for you.

Q: Does your software work on Mac or just PC?

A: My software is a browser extension for Chrome and Windows browsers. So it will work on both Mac and PC.

Q: What if I use a different browser? Do I need to change?

A: Chrome and Firefox are free. Just install one for use with my software only, and you can continue using your other browser for everything else.


Everyone wants a guarantee, and I'm totally willing to put my money where my mouth is. But you have to hold up your end of the deal. That's why I have what I call an Action Taker Guarantee. Attend the live training and truly put my simple software to use. If you can't build a list of good leads from LinkedIn within 30 days after you purchase, I'll give you your money back. Just contact my support staff at support@linkedleads.biz and show them your efforts. That's all there is to it.

Join LinkedLeads While You Can. It Won't Be Open Forever.

I am only making this offer available at a special price for a limited time. I don't want to oversell this and I only want people who will actually use this. I truly want to help small business owners to increase their profits while also improving their quality of life.

So grab this now while you can, as I will be closing this offer very soon. The time to act is now.

See you on the inside!

Greig Wells

Join LinkedLeads Today For Only $197

LinkedLeads From Greig Wells

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